Nyanturtwig the Pokémon... that does stuff...


How come this isn’t Link’s Final Smash?


Happy Friday dudes and dudettes! Another Friday means another video, and today I bring you my Top Ten Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl! 

Next week’s game is Hyrule Warriors, which is a 200+ plus game that’s not even OUT yet. So check back next week for that.

But the week after that? A game that has been requested for since the beginning. A game that requires hunreds of hours to play as well. One that involves dragons, shouts, and building your own home…

That’s right. 2 massive games back to back. Hyrule Warriors and Skyrim. It’s real. Get ready.



A different kind of Let’s Play.

Magic: The Gathering vs Austin #1

Canada confirmed as best smash players.


So it turns out I wasn’t done with my prep for this writeup


Hardest Ganondorf Fight ever!

A New Challenger Approaches.


Why isn’t this shit happening? Get the fuck on this, Nintendo